Are you overpaying for your merchant card service charges year after year?

Many of merchants found that they were paying more than necessary ... and you could be too.

UR BANKCARD has formed relationships with major credit card brand companies, powered by First Data, one of the largest merchant card processors in the US, to offer savings to merchant businesses. Saving hundreds of dollars could be as simple as having your merchant card services processed by UR BANKCARD. Our new customers report average annual savings over hundreds of dollards when they switch to UR BANKCARD.


If you would like to pay less for merchant card service charges, a quick contact with UR BANKCARD will be among your most satisfying experiences for saving your merchant charges. And this isn't a one-time special. These are savings you could count on year after year.


UR BANKCARD provides responsive customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Getting a quote of merchant rate and fee is easy on our cost analysis system and takes about 15 minutes. Simply contact with UR BANKCARD, anytime, day or night, even on holidays.

No matter which merchant service companies you are using, UR BANKCARD can help you reduce your merchant service charges. With UR BANKCARD, you can do your business with highly saved merchant service charges.

After learning about the savings offered by UR BANKCARD, these merchants switched merchant service companies and they stay with UR BANKCARD for the satisfied service.


  • Why don't you see what UR BANKCARD can do for you?

We run our business efficiently - and pass the savings on to our customers.

  • How does UR BANKCARD save merchants so much money?

We work as a direct ISO without any brocker/agent, powered by FIRST DATA which is one of the largest processors, contracting with the low costs for rate and fees, which allows us to reduce additional agent margins which many of other merchant service companies/agents are unnecessarily adding up onto your original rate and fees. Majority of other merchant service companies are hiring additional layer of broker agents which can add up additional costs, which increases merchant charges more and more.


UR BANKCARD is pioneering the direct-to-the-customer approach and we can offer our merchant customers great services as well as substantial savings.

Get a quote from UR BANKCARD to see how much merchant charges you could save.

In addition, UR BANKCARD provides;
1) low rate and fee, 2) no further increase in rate and fees in three years after switching, as compared to other merchant card service companies and banks as other merchant card service companies and banks normally increase rate and fees, 3) assumption of cancellation penalty imposed by other merchant service agent, 4) no cancellation penalty, 5) complete on time service, 6) free terminal rent, and 7) free paper supply during life time with UR BANKCARD.


Switching to UR BANKCARD there is no pressure, no additional cost, no-obligation for cancellation penalty.



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